मायक्काच्या नावानं चांगभलं


Karnataka is the land of culture. Cultural point of view Belgaum district has its own significant share. The village chinchali is 10 km away from Tq center Raibag. Raibag is 90 km away from Dt center Belgaum. The river Krishna flows near the village. Mayakka is the famous goddess of The village. The village is considered as CHINCHALI OF MAYAKKA (Mayakkana Chinchali). Chinchali Mayakka Devi is a goddess who is worshiped by lakhs and lakhs of devotees and there is a strong belief that godess Mayakka Devi fulfils the wishes of all the worshippers and there are many proven proofs, unsolved mystries, and supernatural powers. Goddess Mayakka Devi is the central point of the village. Devotees fright to cross culture of the goddess Mayakka Devi because she is in the way of the life of people. Godess Mayakkadevi is the symbol of unity and culture of the village people.

There are lakhs of devotees of this goddess. Mayakka Devi is worshipped in most regions of the India like Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra, Andra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, New Delhi, Orissa, Gujarath & etc. She is not only worshipped in Karnataka but also in Maharashtra. She has more number of devotees in Maharashtra than Karnataka. People from places like Karnataka, Goa, Maharashtra, Andra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, New Delhi, Orissa, Gujarath & etc arrive to render religious reverence and homage to her during her fest which lasts more than a month. Mayakka Devi is the goddess of power and incornation of goddess Parvatidevi. Devotees dedicate everything to the goddess.

Temple of Mayakka Devi is in the middle of the village. The area is mound of mud. The Temple has stone building. The temple has 50 feet gateway at the east. The gateway is attractive style. There are big stone elephants in front of the gateway. The devotees offers salt and flour infront of elephants. There is no other gateway in the around as temple has. The statue of the Mayakka Devi is very attractive. It is 3 ft height and made in black stone. There is crown and seven hood serpent on her head. She has golden ornaments on her body. She has sward and trident in right hand and snake in left hand. Mayakka Devi is always worshiped in red or green saree. The statue looks like kolluru Mukambika and Horanadu Annapoorneshwari.

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