History About Mayakka Temple

At First Mayakka devi came from konkan. She came here by following the monsters. In chinchali she slaughtered(destroyed) two monsters, those are keel and katta. Heroes (Veeraru) had been helped mayakka to destroy those monsters. Mayakka had went(visited) at guddatayi kyarikoppa, yedimayavva, karagutti, gold plant(bangaaragida) which are present around chinchali village. After Destroying the monsters mayakka devi started to search one place for her.
Once in chinchali hiridevi’s temple is present in place of a big waste soil hump. Mayakka came to Hiridevi and asked her to provide place(shelter) for her. With some conditions hiridevi agreed to provide some place to mayakka devi. Those conditions are- First respect(value) is for me and then to you. First oblation(naivedya) is to me, then to you and first darshan is of mine & then yours. By putting all these conditions hiridevi agreed to provide place for mayakka devi. That is why some elders said that origin(paternity, moola) goddess is hiridevi and she is only the village goddess.

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Shri Mayakka Devi

Temple of Mayakka Devi is in the middle of the village. The area is mound of mud. The Temple has stone building. The temple has 50 feet gateway at the east. The gateway is attractive style. There are big stone elephants in front of the gateway. The devotees offers salt and flour infront of elephants. There is no other gateway in the around as temple has.

One more most important speciality of Goddess is "Shree Chinchali Mayakka Devi temple concerned with all type of religions instead of a particular religion".

The statue of the Mayakka Devi is very attractive. It is 3 ft height and made in black stone. There is crown and seven hood serpent on her head. She has golden ornaments on her body. She has sward and trident in right hand and snake in left hand. Mayakka Devi is always worshiped in red or green saree. The statue looks like kolluru Mukambika and Horanadu Annapoorneshwari.

Devi pooja is made in two times in a day. There is no allow in the temple for common people at the time of pooja. Special pooja is offered on Sundays and fullmoon day.

The importance of the Goddess

The importance of the Goddess Day and Full moon day

Sunday is famous as Mayakkana Vaara. The devotees fast on Sundays. Most of devotees visit temple on Sundays. Full moon days (Bharatahunnime, karahunnime & Nulahunnime ) are important days of Mayakkadevi. Bharata hunnime is main fair day of the year. Devotees bath in the milk brook before going to the temple.

The goddess sleeping Wetland

There is a resting bed of mayakka devi at the left side in the statue santorum of the status in the temple . this is the resting bed of mayakkadevi . The Bed is decorated with flowers. Milk and Betel are kept at the bed . Resting bed is not found in any other temples.

Palanquin of Mayakka Devi

Mayakka Devi Palanquin is the biggest of all godess. This is decorated with special colours and special clothes . the palanquin is so heavy that it can be carried by 10-12 people . Palanqiun attracts devotees on Sunday’s, full moon days and festivals and fair.

Mayakka's Animals

Horse is known as the main vehicle of goddess. Her Idols, Palanquin’s Festival statue’s are now being Equestrian’s. The Horse of mayakka is having peculiar importance with her. Decorated Horse is always present in front of mayakka’s palanquin. And that horse will have Silver Jewellary in its neck, Bangle in Leg, Silk cloth on its body, dhadhi on Back, And the people is having belief that mayakka will ride on that horse. Other peoples are Forbidden to touch that horse. Kathevaad kind of horses are in service of mayakka devi from long time. At present mayakka’s horse is there. People will salute that horse and they will apply bhandara on their forehead taking from horse’s forehead. Peoples following this tradition from long time.

These oxen are offered by the devotees to mayakka devi as per their blessings(exvoto, harake). These oxen are used by Priest’s(pujari). By putting Rug on oxen and by riding on that, Priests are used to go to devotees house. It’s a tradition from long time that by holding silver stick in hand, priest will climb on the oxen and he will be always behind the palanquin. Devotees are having so much of honour about this tradition. Now a days also we can see these kind of oxens.

These bulls are offered by devotees to mayakka in the form blessings(harake). These bulls having freedom of wander anywhere. Bulls will graze and wander anywhere by their own interest. Nobody can torture them. People call these bulls as mayakka’s bulls. Now a days also you can see mayakka’s bulls.

We are seeing that Shepherd’s(kurubaru) are having more relationship with mayakka devi. In the Fable(dantakathe) of Mayakka devi we can see the proposal of Sheeps. It’s a tradition that, Shepherd’s will keep some sheeps for mayakka devi’s worship to keep all the sheeps away from the disease. Sheep-tick is utilized to prepare the rug, leather of drum and also used to throw on palanquin. Sheep oblation(meat-offering) is not done in the temple because non-veg is not allowed to goddess. Milk of sheep is offered to devi’s worship. Like this sheep’s also having important character in mayakka’s tradition.